Ellie goulding dating anyone

Ellie goulding dating anyone

Ellie goulding dating anyone 1

Until recently popstrel ellie goulding was in a relationship with bobby rich a judo champion who was david and victoria beckhams bodyguard ellie goulding dating team gb rower caspar jopling.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 2

ellie goulding and dougie poynter dating each other since the year of 2013 and the relationship is still on number of time they enjoyed night together and spent whole night with each other there were some rumors that this couple engaged and going to get married.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 3

ellie goulding has gotten engaged to boyfriend there is enough going on in the world at the moment to get anyone down goulding has a history of dating posh boys she went out with.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 4

Singer ellie goulding is known for her honest raw lyrics so its no surprise shes equally upfront about her relationship with dougie poynter 28 bassist in the poprock band mcbusted the two.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 5

Pop singer ellie goulding has been rumored to be dating or at least canoodling with the worlds most famous redheaded royal the whispers started after the two were snapped together at a polo.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 6

ellie goulding and dougie poynter appear to have confirmed they are dating after they were seen out and about in manchester arminarm and handinhand.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 7

Its official dougie poynter is dating ellie goulding after months of speculation the 26yearold mcfly singer confirmed the news while speaking with fearne cotton during last nights itv2.

Ellie goulding dating anyone 8

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Ellie goulding dating anyone 10

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