Carbon dating puma punku peru

Carbon dating puma punku peru

Carbon dating puma punku peru 1

Perhaps the carbon dating results were wrong due to contamination of the samples or that puma punku was built by another civilization that came across the ocean built the complex and left some believe that puma punku couldnt have been built without help from alien beings.

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Tiahuanacos puma punku puma punku gateway fg 314a found at the puma punku site in tiahuanaco are the ruins of a massive temple complex including many hewn stone structures with extremely intricate mathematicalbased carvings.

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Puma punku or puma pumku a mysterious site located in bolivia has astounded archaeologists it is part of a larger archaeological complex known as tiahuanacu and is considered to be one of the most important sites of andean history.

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Puma punku or the door of the cougar is a large part of a complex set of structures in the tiwanaku site located in the south american country of bolivia the eastern court has a wall that remains standing however the west court is unwalled.

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Span classnews_dtmar 10 2009spannbsp018332puma punkus radio carbon date puts it at ad 536600 this puts it in the tiwanaku period ad 300 and ad 1000 in 1945 arthur posnansky estimated that tiwanaku dated to 15000 bc using archaeoastronomical techniques.

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Span classnews_dtsep 02 2009spannbsp018332i know they have used carbon dating but cant find any other means of dating used the site was settled about 1500bce but the majority of it is 17001500 years old skim the history lol channel is full of.

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Span classnews_dtdec 09 2013spannbsp018332samples of andesite stone from tiwanaku and puma punku that have come from the megaliths will be shipped from peru david will photograph measure and forward the samples to the prime laboratory at purdue university for analysis and dating of the stone based on beryllium10 production from cosmic rays by way of accelerator.

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Carbon14 dating puts the first period of tiahuanaco back to 1700 bc the second period to 360 bc and the third era from 133374 ad to 1200 ad 1 the city was the administrative and religious heart of a preincan civilisation that began in the year 237 bc and endured for over 1400 years.